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Misconceptions about Vastu

May 9, 2015, additions made January 15, 2020 Misconceptions about Vastu, the Design System from Ancient India 1. Vastu is NOT the same as Feng Shui. In fact, it is thousands of years older and part of the origin of Feng Shui. Even many websites from India purporting to give Vastu knowledge are simply repackaging Feng Shui as Vastu. There is much wrong information about Vastu Shastra. To learn what Vastu really is, read this Vastu page on my website .  2. Mirrors are NOT used in Vastu as they are in Feng Shui.  Since Vastu is based on the laws of nature—in other words, the laws of physics— keep in mind that anything that goes into a mirror bounces back to...

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Padmini Vidya Courses

February 10, 2016 I'm delighted to announce that you can now study Padmini Vidya.  The first course is a mini-course to give you some basic information to help your financial prosperity based in spirituality. It will give you a taste of the full course, which I have been researching and developing for a few years now as a manuscript and in my own life. You can purchase and study these materials at your own pace to enhance your life and your ability to manifest wealth.   What is Padmini Vidya? Padmini is “She who sits on the lotus,” Lakshmi, the goddess of good luck and abundance on all levels. Her most well known aspect, Dhana Lakshmi, is the goddess of financial...

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Altars, Shrines, Sacred Spaces

June 23, 2015, updated February 2017 Altars and shrines and puja tables are all part of setting up your home as sacred space. Here are examples from my own home and ones I’ve enjoyed during my travels. I’ve also created a Pinterest board for altars, shrines, blessings rituals; it has over 300 pins (or images) that may inspire you. My home puja table is a contemporary reproduction green low Chinese sideboard. My puja set is the principal resident of the table, in front of a silk- and golden-framed Tradition of Masters photo. Some day I will get the components of this puja set gold-plated. I’ve had it since 1974 and it’s been used not only by me hundreds of times but...

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NYC Vastu Consultations

NYC Vastu consultations are available June 8, 10, and 15, 2015 and at dates TBA in 2017 by appointment with acclaimed Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, Ph.D. Call 310.948.8229 now to reserve your appointment time. New York offers its own unique challenges to its inhabitants who want to have a supportive, functional, and peaceful sanctuary for living. If you're interested in Asian traditions of sacred space and want to improve the quality of your life, explore Vastu.  Vastu is the most ancient and potent design system on the planet; it requires beauty, honors the environment, and has the laws of nature for its guidelines.  WHY HAVE A VASTU DESIGN CONSULTATION? IT REMOVES OBSTACLES AND CREATES ZEN-LIKE CALM. Is something in your environment holding you back? Vastu, the...

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Vastu Courses: Study the Yoga of Design

VASTU COURSES: DO YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR PROSPERITY, HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS BY MAKING A FEW CHANGES IN YOUR HOME? Vastu Courses designed by Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, PhD, are offered through Transcendence Design for students who want to learn how to apply this ancient Vedic wisdom to homes and other spaces. Vastu is ten to fourteen thousand years old, the original green, sustainable design. Its guidelines are the laws of nature. Vastu requires beauty, natural materials, and honoring of the environment — traditional knowledge perfect for our needs today. Why study Vastu, the Yoga of Design with Sherri Silverman’s Vastu courses? Sherri Silverman, PhD has been an expert Vastu consultant working professionally since 1999, helping thousands of people worldwide.  one of the...

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