Protect & Harmonize: Vastu Tips. Conscious Activism.

Disturbed by what's happening in the USA and world? This is a great time to protect and harmonize your home and business spaces--- and to find meaningful ways to make a difference for the planet. Here's some conscious activism inspiration and some Vastu tips.
“Joy doesn’t betray but sustains activism.
And when you face a politics that aspires to
make you fearful, alienated and isolated,
joy is a fine act of insurrection.” 

Rebecca Solnit

Joy is  healing. Be informed and take conscious action, but also do things that bring you joy, that make you feel like yourself, that bring you back to center. Radiate positive, life-supporting energy in the environment in order to truly make a difference and to inspire others. And it's hard to get anything accomplished or make a difference if you are depressed or anxious. So remember that one of the most important things to do now is to be regular with your meditation and spiritual practices. 
vastu protection tips universal protection yantra
Install your Universal Protection Yantra with the mantra printed on it and set your sankalpa for whatever and whomever you hold dear, intending protection for yourself, your family, particular groups or countries, the environment, or the whole planet. Setting your sacred intention to bring benefit and healing is always a good thing to do; in Sanskrit, it's called sankalpa. It's similar to prayer and can be used that way. You can also use this mantra for protection:

Play the VASTU-PURUSHA, HARMONY OF SPACE VASTU CD daily in your home and business space to dissolve negative influences, raise the vibe, and increase positive energies. Sound vibrations are powerful in their transformative effect. There is a great booklet inside the CD that explains each of the Sanskrit chants and gives their English transliteration so that you can learn them, if you wish.
vastu cd vastu purusha harmony of space vastu chants sanskrit

Applying even one Vastu tip can improve your life. For a major boost, hire me to do a Vastu consultation to assess your home or business and give you a full set of recommendations. You can also study Vastu at your own pace with my Vastu Course

These are simple ways to protect and harmonize your home and life. I hope they help you and your loved ones. I send all best wishes and blessings for you, the USA, and the whole planet.