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Is your environment supporting you
or throwing obstacles in your path?
Vastu has solutions.

Vastu consultant Sherri Silverman, Ph.D., has helped thousands of people since 1999 and is one of the world's leading Vastu experts. She literally wrote the book! She is author of acclaimed book Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature (2007). Sherri combines her knowledge of the 10,000 year old Vastu design tradition with  deep artistic-spiritual-intuitive wisdom and sensitivity to energy and beauty. She excels at raising the vibration of your home or business by using knowledge and tools she has acquired during over forty years' immersion in meditation and Vedic Studies, including mantras and yantras. Sherri is skilled in arranging things to rev up their energy, clearing clutter and stagnant energy, and choosing pleasing color and decor. Her practical suggestions and cost-effective solutions have transformed homes, businesses, and the lives of her clients worldwide. 

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Vastu creates sacred space and a feeling of sanctuary. Sacred space reminds us of our true nature and brings us back to center, giving support for life's ups and downs. Authentic Vastu consultations dissolve obstacles by creating vibrant spaces that nurture happiness, career, abundance, harmony, and health in new and existing homes and business spaces. Vastu advice for renovations, additions, and home and land purchases save money and improve life.

Schedule your appointment for Vastu Ved consultations: Email Sherri through the contact page or call 415.755.4125 or 310.948.8229. Consultations are available in the US and all over the world, including Sherri's home of Marin County, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Create a tranquil, supportive home and prosperous business with a Vastu consultation today.

Sherri's Vastu clients report self-empowerment and greater ease, health, prosperity, and success. Book your appointment for a home or business Vastu consultation; remodel, additions, and renovation advice; architect and designer collaborations; interior design assistance; and art consultant services.  Contact me to write a custom draft pruchase for your Vastu Consultation.

Vastu Design Consultation Fees: On-Site, Off-Site, New Purchase, New Construction

1. Home & Business Vastu Consultations: Homes, gardens, and home-based business Vaastu consultations are $175 an hour; Vastu consulting for businesses, $250 an hour. There is a minimum charge of $250 for all Vastu consultations. Your needs, questions, issues, size and compexity of the property, material submitted for review, and budget determine the length of the consult. 

On-site consultations in Marin County, San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA), CA, the USA, and everywhere on the planet by appointment. Travel fee for locations over a thirty minute drive. Deposits are required to reserve your Vastu consultation appointment. Fees are non-refundable but may be applied to future Vastu consulting. 

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2. Vastu Consultations at a Distance, Off-Site: I work with people all over the world from their floorplans. For detailed Vastu assessments and recommendations as a custom written Vastu report, send the lot and floorplan clearly marked with the directions (N, S, E, W). Use a complass like the one on your phone. Indicate location of doors, windows, furniture placement, and use of rooms. If you don't have a floorplan, just make a drawing and convert it to a PDF file. Include photos, questions, and issues. Fees are the same as on-site Vastu consultations. 

3. Vastu Assessments for Prospective New Home & Land Purchases: Buying a home is a huge financial commitment. For a fraction of the house or land's asking price, get a professional review and assessment from a Vastu perspective before you buy. "Avert the danger that has not arisen" with a Vastu consultation. If the property is not Vastu-suitable and healthy for you, I'll advise you to keep looking. Here are the fees for Vastu Assessments for Prospective New Home & Land Purchases:

  • $475: Vastu assessment fee for prospective new home and land purchases with listing price under $500,000.
  • $800: Comparison of two properties under $500,000.
  • $575-$3000: Homes up to two million. 
  • $3000-$8000 per house: Homes valued at over two million.

4. Vastu Consultations for New Construction: I often work closely with architects, builders, designers, and clients to advise on floorplan, interior, and landscape corrections, choices, and guidance. $250 an hour, $750 minimum fee per project. 

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