Vastu Consultations: Expert Vastu Consultant for Over 20 Years

Is your environment supporting you
or throwing obstacles in your path?
Vastu has solutions.

Raise the vibration of your space with Vastu. Vastu consultant Sherri Silverman, PhD has helped thousands since 1999 with knowledge acquired in 50 years of meditation and Vedic studies. As one of the most experienced Vastu consultants and leading Vastu experts, her practical solutions transform homes, businesses, and lives. She's author of the acclaimed  Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature (2007). 

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Vastu creates sacred space and sanctuary. Sacred space reminds us of our true nature and brings us back to center, giving support for life's ups and downs. 

Schedule your Vastu consultation: Click on the consultation that's right for you below.  Worldwide, USA, and Marin County, CA (San Francisco Bay Area). 

Types of Vastu Design Consultations:  
1. New Construction/Renovation/Addition
2. Current, Existing Home or Business
3. Prospective New Purchases

    1. Vastu Consultations for Renovations, Additions, and New Home Construction: I work with architects, builders, designers, and clients, advising on floorplan, interior, and landscape corrections.

    2. Existing Home & Business Vastu Consultations: 

    Your needs, questions, the property's size and complexity, material submitted for review, and budget determine the consult's length.
    On-site Vastu consultations by appointment. Travel fee outside Marin County. Airfare, accommodations, ground transportation expenses for flights to be covered for consultations in other parts of the USA and world. 

    Off-site Vastu consultations: assessment and recommendations as a written report. Email your floor plan marked with N-S-E-W directions, plus the lot shape, high and low areas, bodies of water, tall trees. Indicate doors, windows, furniture placement, use of rooms. Include photos, questions, issues. 

    3. Vastu Assessments for Prospective New Home & Land Purchases: Learn before you invest: Is it a Vastu disaster, workable, or a really good choice? "Avert the danger that has not arisen" with rush Vastu guidance within 48 hours. 

    vastu livingroom vaastu consultation consultant architect designer builderCreate a tranquil, supportive home and prosperous business with a Vastu consultation.

    Sherri's Vastu clients report self-empowerment and greater ease, health, prosperity, and success. Book your appointment for a home or business Vastu consultation; remodel, additions, and renovation advice; architect and designer collaborations; interior design assistance; and art consultant services.  

    Vastu consultations dissolve obstacles and create vibrant spaces that nurture happiness, career, abundance, harmony, and health. Contact me to schedule your Vastu Consultation: 310.948.8229.