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Sherri Silverman

Vastu Course, Level 3: Becoming a Vastu Consultant, Being of Service

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Vastu Consultant Career Training. Topics and exercises in the Level 3 Vastu Course include:

  • advanced techniques for energetic sensitivity, intuition, and diagnostics
  • 5 hours personal coaching /mentoring time with Vastu expert Sherri Silverman
  • quarterly group conference calls with Q & A
  • Journaling about your learning experience and process
  • Assigned texts in Vastu and related topics
  • Audio files
  • Seva, service as an attitude to help your clients and be a blessing to all creation 
  • Blessing rituals
  • recommended Vastu and Vedic reading materials/authors
  • useful basics of Jyotish, Vedic astrology
  • on-site or Zoom live intensive with other Level 3 students
  • seven detailed, written Vastu home assessments and recommendations: course exercise, not for payment
  • Oral certification exam

    Graduates of Level 3 may continue participating in future Vastu Consultant Course live group meetings. All materials in English with some Sanskrit transliteration.

    Prerequisites: Certification in Levels 1 and 2 Vastu Course and mastery of the material covered in Levels 1 and 2. Completion of Padmini Vidya Mini Course and 200+ word reflection on your experiences. Regular meditation practice. Permission of instructor. Non-Disclosure Agreement Form.

    When you successfully complete the Level 3 Vastu Course, you have a Vastu career opportunity that is life-enhancing, offers service and improvement to your clients and the planet, and helps support you with payment for your professional services.