Organizing Consultant: Declutter, Create Order and Ease in Your Life

Feel helpless clearing clutter and getting organized?
Overwhelmed deciding what clothes to keep or discard, or trying to find things to get a meal cooked?
Do you dread going in your closet?
Make an appointment with expert Organizing Consultant Sherri Silverman.
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Let’s remove some obstacles!

Stop being bogged down by chaos. Get rid of overwhelm with help from an expert organizer. Sherri’s intuition, keen sense of beauty, innate interior design and artistic sensibility, and organizing experience transform closets, bookshelves, files, art studios, kitchens, and all spaces into greater order and function. Sherri has helped people find joy and beauty in their surroundings and possessions for thirty years.

With Virgo rising in her Western astrology chart, it’s no surprise that Vastu design consultant Sherri Silverman is talented at gettings things organized. Sherri’s clients gain efficient organizing, decluttering, and systems support. Decluttering dissolves stagnant energy and allows in fresh, vibrant, supportive energy. It removes internal and external obstacles, so that you are freer and can make progress more easily.

If your wardrobe and closet need help, Sherri’s impeccable fashion sense and family background in a women’s clothing business will aid you. She knows how to arrange your closet, eliminating chaos and confusion. She can advise you if it’s time to toss clothes or keep them—and if they're flattering. Make the most of your wardrobe and protect your investment with a Closet Organizing Consultation.

Organizing and decluttering consultation appointments are $150 an hour; add $25 to that and receive Vastu guidance as well. Minimum fee: $250. Sherri is in Marin County and serves the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Sessions can be onsite or by Skype. Get out of your own way and get full access to your resources now by contacting Sherri at 310.948.8229

Client Testimonials for Sherri Silverman’s Organizing Consultation Services:

“I've worked with organization professionals in the past but the service that Sherri Silverman offers is above and beyond them all. She brings comprehensive intelligence and attunement to beauty and order to the application of systems that bring life into flow. Her clarity, creativity and expertise make Sherri a joy to work with as you quickly see results. What Sherri offers is a relief to our complicated lives. She is amazing.”  Coral Scranton, Santa Fe, NM

“Sherri Silverman is a master at organizing and creating sacred space. Life flows more effortlessly when we are in an environment that is coherent, orderly, and in accord with the more subtle laws of nature. I highly recommend her.” K. Wright, Austin, TX

“You are the source of clear thinking that enhances life organization, resulting in energized enlightened environments. Thanks for your impeccable taste and sense of harmony. I love your guidance!”  J. Thomas, Alfred, ME

"Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, and work. I have now deleted 20,000 emails! Kaz's wonderful calligraphy hangs in my entryway, bringing light and joy every time I see it. The heavy mirror will be picked up next week (I found the owner's email address.) The Rose Room clearing has begun. Already feeling lighter! Many blessings," Sikha Isaacs, Oakland, CA

“Thank you for most helpful organizing consult. I appreciate your ability to hone in so astutely and help me see patterns that kept me stuck, as well as show me alternate ways to manage paper flow and keep spaces clear and used for specific functions.  Your recommendation to keep work stuff at the office was an important breakthru to create space in my home for life beyond work. I especially liked your examples and encouragement to create areas of beauty.” J. E., Albuquerque, NM