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Conscious interviews with Sherri Silverman. News about Vastu and Vedic knowledge, including Padmini Vidya, Lakshmi's Secret Knowledge of Abundance on All Levels.

Living Juicy Vastu Interview, Santa Fe, NM. In this 30 minute interview, Rhea Goodman at KSFR talks with artist and Vastu sacred space consultant Sherri Silverman, PhD. Vastu architecture and design, aligning with the laws of nature, melding the practical to the spiritual. Rhea talks about how she's totally smitten with Vastu, now that she has read Sherri's Vastu book and had Sherri do a Vastu consultation with recommendations for her home. They discuss the difference between Feng Shui and Vastu, Vastu principles, Vastu consultations, and the effect of Vastu. The interview also touches upon Padmini Vidya. (Note that the phone number given in the interview is no longer valid).


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