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April 2024: Aligned Expressions podcast with Sherry Steine:
"Vastu Design: Harmonizing with Nature with Vastu Designer Sherri Silverman, PhD."
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November 2023: Vastu Art and Vata Dosha in the new Ayurvedic zine VedaZine:
Sherri's article about how Vastu art can help Vata dosha is available now.
Read the online version or download the shorter zine version as a PDF
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Love the image, which is one of Sherri Silverman's artworks? It's available as a print in our Inner Temple series.
VASTU FOR HOME OFFICES: Sherri Silverman Interviewed by Abby Abhaya Geyer, Jivamaya Yoga Wisdom Talks, July 22, 2020



See also a Facebook Live interview on Vastu for La Grace Center that I posted in my blog.

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How To Create A Sacred Space In Your Home: March 4, 2016
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Whether you’re religious, non-religious, or anything in between, a sacred space can help you pause, unplug, and reflect on the only work that really matters: loving the world, practicing gratitude, and being kind to yourself. 

Having a designated space in your home for prayer, meditation, or private reflection can be a constant reminder of how important it is to cultivate this sense of awe and wonder in your life. 

HuffPost Religion asked a few experts for tips on how to create a special area for meditation and spirituality in the tiniest of homes and on a tight budget. Even if you only get a few minutes to spend there in a day, we hope this helps guide you towards incorporating more mindfulness into your life.....

Sherri Silverman, a sacred space consultant who specializes in Vastu, an ancient Indian system of architecture and design, suggests taking off your shoes when you enter your sanctuary.

“This keeps the dirt and stress of the everyday world outside of your space, setting it apart as quieter, cleaner, more sacred, and more peaceful,” Silverman told The Huffington Post. “It will help delineate it as separate and honored.”

Allow your space to evolve over time. Find more things to place in it and clear out items that aren’t as useful to you anymore. Create new rituals and intentions for it as your own spiritual practice grows.
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