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Vastu consultant Sherri Silverman, PhD, has helped thousands since 1999. Here's a few testimonials. Read more client praise.

"You have no idea what you have done for us! It was worth every penny -- and more!" T. O'Brien, O'Brien Advertising, Denver

"Sherri Silverman's knowledge of Vastu and her practical suggestions for even the most challenged spaces are excellent. What's more is they work! I recently redesigned my live/work spaces according to her plan. Within a few days, I noticed an atmosphere more conducive to productivity and peaceful living. My Vedanta teacher commented on the marked shift in energy and requested that she stay with me again on her next visit!" S. Scott, Santa Fe 

"I got dramatic results! As soon as I followed Sherri's advice, business picked up and my personal life got very interesting. I very quickly found the man of my life at my doorstep." M. Oakes, Santa Barbara

"My home feels fantastic since I implemented changes you recommended! In fact, this whole process that we initiated for my office has resulted in an incredible change in my work and living environments. I never realized that my surroundings possessed so much energy and influence. I feel lighter, happier, and more productive. Thanks for the encouragement to carry through on the advice. Money and time very well spent." J. Kane, Denver

Read How Sherri Learned About Vastu: Her Journey in Conscious Sacred Space Design

A leading Vastu expert, she literally wrote the book! 
Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature (2007) is an acclaimed classic.

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"Your ideas were fantastic & made a world of difference.
You are really a gem." Monique Parker, Svastha Yoga Institute, NM

"Your work and website look WONDERFUL, Sherri. 
the holiness & power come through even from the website. Wow." S. S., IA

 "How marvelous I think your website is and your art!
It's true it makes one feel better by looking at it." D. Prabha, Canada

"Your art, your expressive and meaningful writing, and learning from your posts make me feel both energized and reposeful." Sonia Sharma, CA

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