Art Consultant + Art Advisor + Curator

Searching for an art consultant, advisor, or curator? Do you want to learn about and collect art for your home or business? Sherri Silverman, PhD is connected with artists, artisans, and photographers in California, the USA, and internationally. She curated and implemented shows at non-profits and art galleries in Cambridge, Boulder, and Santa Fe and worked in Boston and Santa Fe galleries. The gallery she founded, Transcendence Design Contemporary Art, was on Upper Canyon Road in Santa Fe for years and a member of the Santa Fe Gallery Association. Sherri is also an artist and art historian with a PhD in Art History and extensive background teaching art history at universities. Her particular interest is art that expresses beauty, joy, serenity, energy, and consciousness--- art that creates a feeling of upliftment and well-being. 

Sherri can help you find a couple of pieces of art or assemble a quality personal/business art collection in any price range. Find art that is truly meaningful for you, expressing your interests and style. Call the northern California studio to get started: 310.948.8229. Sherri is in the San Francisco Bay Area and consults for client art projects worldwide.

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