Testimonials: Kind Words & Praise from Sherri Silverman's Vastu Clients

vastu praise client testimonials

"You helped me transform my space. And that makes me feel soooo much better. We just moved and my house was in piles of things to do, but I couldn't think straight til Sherri came over. We moved the furniture around and followed your Vastu suggestions. It's wonderful. Feels so much better. Using the space better now. Your inspiration got me going. Thank you." Gail Duboe, CA. 

"thank you so much for your help today!!!
it was so truly helpful!!!
You have much wisdom Dear Sherri
Share it with the world! :)"   Celia Anne Browne, Paris, France

"You have no idea what you have done for us! It was worth every penny -- and more!" T. O'Brien, O'Brien Advertising, Denver, CO

"Sherri Silverman's knowledge of Vastu and her practical suggestions for even the most challenged spaces are excellent. What's more is they work! I recently redesigned my live/work spaces according to her plan. Within a few days, I noticed an atmosphere more conducive to productivity and peaceful living. Upon a recent visit, my Vedanta teacher commented on the marked shift in energy and requested that she stay with me again on her next visit!" S. Scott, Santa Fe, NM 

"Sherri Silverman works with vastu shastra to heal relationships and bring health, happiness, and success in business and family. Sherri helps people change their lives. Vastu has a constant impact on body, mind, and consciousness. Architects often design and build bathrooms, kitchen, and staircase in the wrong place according to Vastu. Eventually disharmonious space can bring about disease such as high blood pressure, digestive disorders, or even serious diseases such as cancer due to accumulation of wrong vastu over time. She has answers for these "vastu-genic" disorders. Sherri works with yantras which create perfect geometrical three-dimensional energy fields and, when placed properly, help neutralize any negative effects of improper vastu. Her yantras bring positive, creative energy and help the house become a happy, healthy home." Dr. Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician. Founder, The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM

"You really inspired me greatly to listen to my inner voice and what the space is telling me, to look at my home like a canvas. You've ignited my desire and motivation to design my home in a way that resonates with my spirit and energy. You made me see things differently, to resonate with the spirit and energy of the land and house." L. Trisiano, Califon, NJ

"I got dramatic results! As soon as I followed Sherri's advice, business picked up and my personal life got very interesting. I very quickly found the man of my life at my doorstep." M. Oakes, Santa Barbara, CA

"My home feels fantastic since I implemented changes you recommended! In fact, this whole process that we initiated for my office has resulted in an incredible change in my work and living environments. I never realized that my surroundings possessed so much energy and influence. I feel lighter, happier, and more productive. Thanks for the encouragement to carry through on the advice. Money and time very well spent." J. Kane, Denver, CO

"Sherri is a wealth of knowledge. Her expertise has been an ongoing support in my life for years. She is a master at organizing and creating sacred space. Life flows more effortlessly when we are in an environment that is coherent, orderly, and in accord with the more subtle laws of nature. Sherri's knowledge of Vastu along with her natural wisdom and ability for bringing space and lifestyle into accord with those subtle laws have been of great value to me. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in bringing holistic design to their space and embodying a more conscious lifestyle."   K. Wright, Austin, TX

 "Sherri Silverman's lifestyle coaching has been a valuable gift. Sherri has taught me how to check in with myself and take small steps forward that inspire bigger changes. For the last eight years I have relied on her knowledge in Vastu, meditation, self care as well as diet to guide me in becoming more grounded, creative and happy." S. C., CA

"After consulting with Sherri Silverman re my home in Oregon, I completely moved my bedroom around and started to get a good night's sleep there. What a complete difference it has made! Her advice re my Albuquerque home and the yantras she provided to place where needed also improved the energy flow."  
Satyabhama/Margalo Ashley-Farrand, Vedic Priest. Sanatana Dharma Satsang, Sanskritmantra.com & Saraswati Publications. Albuquerque, NM

"I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and have begun making the changes. Your ideas were fantastic and made a world of difference. You are really a gem."
Monique Parker, Svastha Yoga Institute, El Rito, NM

"I have worked with organizational professionals in the past but the service that Sherri Silverman offers is above and beyond them all. She brings her comprehensive intelligence and attunement to beauty and order to the application of systems that bring life into flow. Her clarity, creativity and expertise make Sherri a joy to work with as you quickly see results. What Sherri offers is a relief to our complicated lives. She is amazing." Coral Scranton, Santa Fe, NM

"I was blown away by the effects of my session with Sherri. After two years of not feeling comfortable in my boyfriend's house, we brought Sherri in for a consultation. The changes she suggested made a tremendous difference not only in the quality of sleep we now have but in the relationship as a whole. I believe she actually saved the relationship. I highly recommend bringing Sherri into your home or office." Andrea Adler, CA

"The Vastu principles for our bedroom have been amazing! We have a non-toxic wool rug/jute backing as well as our new platform eco /wood bed frame and non-toxic rubber mattress, plus a wicker dresser and a spotless closet. Our heads in the proper direction and we are sleeping like happy babies. Better than I can ever remember! Thank you for your expertise, you rock!"   Michelle Fleury, CA

"You are the source of clear thinking that enhances life organization, resulting in energized enlightened environments. Thanks for your impeccable taste and sense of harmony. I love your guidance!" J. Thomas, Alfred, ME

"Sherri is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Vastu consultant. The Meru Chakra she offers is STUNNING and has very high quality vibration. The Yantras are also excellent and have a level of quality and attention to detail that I have not experienced before. Hire Sherri and see your personal life and/or business experience significant transformation!" Charles RR Cotton, Calgary, Canada

"Many people have commented on the feel of my place through the years and I always get to tell the story of you flying in to help me."
Malcon Taylor, Nashville, TN

"I'm a graduate student in a tiny studio apartment. I decided to improve my place, bought new tasteful furnishings, and even added a few feng shui hanging crystals. Though my studio looked better, something felt missing; the room wasn't cohering into an integral whole. That's where Sherri came in. After hearing her lecture about Vastu, I hired her. She went through my place with a fine-tooth comb, investigating as well as asking me about how I live in the space. Her recommendations were an effective mix of common sense and practical organizational wisdom with razor-keen intuitive insight about how space acts like a matrix for the unfolding of our lives, being stamped by and in turn shaped by our own energies.
"After implementing her advice, including affixing yantras to remedy spatial disharmonies, I just felt better about my place. It was like a wrinkled shirt that had been carefully smoothed out. I felt more at ease and relaxed. Amazingly even my once-funky bathroom now has a shrine-like serenity. I have a resplendent Shri yantra on my front door that makes me feel good every time I come home. Even my landlord, unbidden, felt compelled to say that he never knew the studio could be so homey. I sleep better and have more energy. Many more folks have dropped by to visit than ever before, and I'm poised to run a home business. If money is energy, then this is surely a testament to Sherri's skill harnessing the power of Vastu. She's great and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants interior design taken to a level at once practical and spiritual." 
M. Timmons, Santa Fe, NM

"My business partner and I initially worked with a Feng Shui consultant who suggested expensive changes and got us very scared of quarrels and lack of money. I was concerned because the recommendations would cost thousands of dollars. I had Sherri come to the office to give me a second opinion. To my great relief, it required simple remedies and my intention to put our office space into alignment with cosmic energies. I am very impressed and grateful at Sherri's intuition, clarity, and mastery in this field. I also consulted her for my home and current office and receive compliments from people as to how nice and comfortable it feels. My business is doing well consistently, and my relationship with my family is definitely more harmonious." V. Le, D.C., Denver, CO

"Since you worked on my place, things have done nothing but gotten better." 
S. Arneo, Scott's Remodeling, Denver, CO

"Remember those big beams over my bed that were oppressive and needed rectifying? I put a beautiful lavender panel over the bed and it's made a big difference. It feels softer over me. I had the broken front sidewalk that ices up jackhammered out, and put in beautiful golden flagstone with thyme in between. The rotten wooden deck has been torn out and replaced with the golden flagstone. It looks beautiful. Thank you! I took two loads of trash from the garage to the dump, and we're filing and getting rid of the piles of paper. You inspired me for lots of great changes and I'm very glad for it." E. B., Santa Fe, NM

"Thanks as always for your organizational inspiration-- it really helps me along my path. You're a special being/presence on our dear planet :)" B. Petway, Boulder, CO

"I lived in a very nice house but always felt restless and ill at ease. Sherri’s Vastu suggestions made perfect sense, and she identified lots of areas of my home that could be improved. We rearranged the bedroom, which immediately increased my sense of peace. We made changes to other rooms. It seems odd to say, but we actually started to eat our meals in the previously ignored dining space rather than at the more crowded kitchen table where we had eaten. Her consultation confirmed how important my living and work space are. It helped me focus my energies to look for another house. When we put our existing home on the market, the vast majority of buyers liked it very much. Sherri’s recommendations, placements, and decluttering helped enormously.
"I hesitated to call Sherri for a consult on the new home. I loved it, but what if the energy was all wrong? If you don't know, Sherri is a talented businesswoman and she is persuasive. I'm thrilled that her overall reaction to the setting of the home, the entry location, and other key factors was very positive. Our furniture wasn't in the house yet, but she had lots of suggestions for placements and uses for areas. I felt relieved and very grateful. Her approach, which combines consulting with some teaching, gave me the tools and sharpened my instinct so that I was able to select a really wonderful new home for my family. We settled into our house amazingly quickly. I feel more peaceful than ever, and our work lives flow much more smoothly. I feel like an entirely different person."  N. Clarke, Boulder, CO

 "Thank you for your service. You helped me considerably with dilemmas I was having and I'm excited to implement them. Particularly liked the idea of sound-proofing the north wall. That truly opens up optimum possibilities for the entire place. Most enthusiastically for me, the long held desire to have a baby grand in my living room, which I hadn't even thought to bring up with you because I had resigned the idea for this particular place. Bottom line, I can virtually envision the entire place now and thank you again for that. Will swap the contents of the loft and bedroom this weekend." 
Jeff Maendler, MN

"I loved the tips you gave us! You're really good at what you do."
R. Faulkner, Lafayette, CO

"Deepest gratitude for your profound guidance. It truly has been extraordinary. The consult & installation of the pyramid and yantras completely reversed my home's stagnation and propelled me to a new home that is respectful of vastu principles. I used the knowledge and experience to make this new home a sanctuary. Now I am aware of the depth of sacred geometry's effects on one's multi-dimensional well-being and that of the structure that provides us shelter and security. Your expertise has nurtured and nourished my path. May your works flourish and aid everyone." 
Maharani Lavina O'Farrell, PhD, Bahrain / Ireland

"Your Vastu work at my home has inspired me. I have now deleted 20,000 emails! Kaz's wonderful calligraphy hangs in my entryway, bringing light and joy every time I see it. The heavy mirror I needed to get rid of will be picked up next week. The Rose Room clearing has begun. Already feeling lighter! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Many blessings."
Sikha Isaacs, CA

"Thank you very much for your valuable information not to buy a house I had been interested in. I had made an offer for the house but the owner didn't reply to it for some strange reason, even though it was a very good proposal! So I will continue house-hunting and contact you with more questions when they come up. Thanks again." A. Halldorsson, Iceland