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Protect the Outside of Your Home with Vastu Tips

Having a rectangular (or square) lot is advised in Vastu. If that's not the case, you can create a rectangular wall, fence, or hedge around your home, leaving some bits outside the fence. This will help protect your home and its energy. If you already are fortunate to have such a protective barrier, check it for any needed repairs. To enliven the protection of your home, you can create your own ritual. One of my clients in New Mexico loved the idea of enhancing and reenlivening the protective feature of her post and wire fence around her property, so we devised a ritual. Walk clockwise around the perimeter, thanking Vastu Purusha, the soul of your home, for protection and support....

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Vastu & Magnetic Field, Sleep, Head of bed

Here's an explanation of why we don't sleep with our heads in the north, courtesy of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:Vastu's guidelines are the laws of nature. The best options for placement of your head when lying down are east, with south as a close second choice. North, as mentioned in the article, is the worst. West also doesn't allow as settled a rest as east and south do.

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How I Learned About Vastu: My Journey in Conscious Sacred Space Design

Did you know I've been a Vastu consultant for over 23 years? Here's the story of my journey in conscious sacred space design from the Vedic tradition. It began fifty years ago in 1972 when I learned to meditate. Two years later I became a meditation teacher and then joined the Vedic Studies doctoral program at MERU (Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland), at the suggestion of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This was an incredible intellectual and experiential deep-dive into an intensive meditation and yoga program with studies of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, many Puranas, and other sacred texts. In addition, I got my first exposure to a few points of Vastu Shastra. Here's a photo from Vedic Studies: I'm in the center,...

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Rahu Remedies and Vastu Solutions

Client Question: Can you clear Rahu energy from someone with ameliorations and the work you do?  Sherri's Answer: Rahu is what is called the North Node in western astrology. In Vedic astrology, Rahu and its counterpart Ketu, the South Node, are considered to be planetary bodies, grahas. You can never fully escape from the influence of one of the planets. You have to walk through at least some of it. Even Shiva could not escape Sade Sati, the seven intense years of Saturn that come in about 30 year cycles!  All of us are subject to the vibrational influence of the grahas, but their energetic affect can be lessened. I recommend installing a Rahu yantra at the height of your...

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