Financial Prosperity Tips from Vastu Expert Sherri Silverman


Vastu is a design system that offers practical tools for life. Here are some prosperity Vastu suggestions that will improve your situation, regardless of how good or bad it currently is:

—One of the best things you can do to increase financial flow is to add water features in the northeast or north of your home, business, and garden. Pools, fountains, waterfalls, bird baths, even a bowl of fresh water with flowers floating in it makes things flow more smoothly.

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To avoid negative vibrational influence, don’t place water anywhere other than northeast or north.

Water and tall trees should not be directly in front of (blocking) your main entrance. Keep the water clean, clear, and fresh.

There are many Vastu treatments of the northeast and north to rev up financial abundance and help dissolve restrictions:

— The north sector is the area of career and finance. Its planetary lord is Mercury or Budha, as he is called in Sanskrit. Placing a Mercury yantra in this part of your home and business can help, especially if there are no windows or doors on that side to let in the nourishing rays that come from the north.

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—The northeast and north of your yard are ideally open to allow nourishing eastern and northern energy rays to reach your home or business. Plant tall trees, which are very beneficial in general, in the south, southwest, and west.

—The northeast and north shouldn’t contain clutter, polluting elements, or heavy objects but be clean, light, and fresh. North is energetically related to financial prosperity and career. Northeast is water element and a sacred zone. 

— If the north of your home or business space is blocked (very few or no northern windows or doors), this can restrict finances. Install a Mercury yantra on each level.

— Clutter, broken objects, storage, and heavy weights such as refrigerators do not belong in the northeast and north of your home. Do what you can to tend to these things. 

— Install a Sri Yantra or a Meru Chakra (three-dimensional Sri Yantra) or both in the north of your home or business to bring added support for career and finance. 

— Sri Yantras are also a blessing in your garden. You can place one (or many, depending on the size of the property) in the northeast or north of the yard, especially if there are challenges with soil quality, finances, or purity of the area (like a septic system that should be elsewhere). Yantras are available both as individual yantras and in sets of yantras. You may also wish to explore our three-dimensional yantras, the Vastu Vedic Pyramid and the Meru Chakra.

— Take the Padmini Vidya Mini Course (and the Padmini Vidya Mastery Course, when it is available)! This is full of Lakshmi prosperity knowledge, techniques, and exercises. Padmini Vidya is a little-known sister science of Vastu, Ayurveda, Jyotish, meditation, and yoga. Let it help you unfold your own inner and outer abundance.

May you always have all you need and do all you can to help others as well. 

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Originally published July 1, 2014. Revised and updated March 2017.