Design Portfolio

A few examples from Sherri Silverman's Vastu design work portfolio.
Homes and art studios in Santa Fe, Marin County, and Los Angeles.
.vastu interior design portfolio sherri silverman living room
In this living room there is a feeling of light, expansiveness, comfort, and beauty. The Brahmasthan of the room is open, thus honoring space element, akasha. This also makes the room feel larger and less cramped. Natural materials are used throughout, raising the energy level and adding aesthetic appeal.
vastu bedroom interior design portfolio sherri silverman contemporary asian
art studio study library vastu interior design decor sherri silverman
vastu sacred space design meditation altar
vastu interior design decor portfolio natural materials
vastu sacred space design portfolio altar lakshmi meru chakra goddess
This personalized goddess altar includes special items collected by the homeowner in her travels and beachwalks, plus the radiant gold-plated Shri Meru Chakra.
design portfolio art studio vastu sherri silverman reading room library painting flatfiles
Art studio in process of setup with reading room, flatfiles, painting table, kitchen in Marin County, CA.