Vastu Conscious Design Portfolio

Soulful living spaces: Sherri Silverman's Vastu and conscious interior design portfolio in Santa Fe, NM; Larkspur & Lagunitas in Marin County, CA; and Los Angeles, CA.
vastu bedroom design portfolio
West Marin, CA cottage bedroom: Natural materials and beauty adorn this bedroom space with the head of the bed in the south. To be a true Vastu space, follow all the rules and be sure to include beauty, which is a key factor in Vastu. Tibetan wool rug. Silk pillows. Linen comforter cover. Wool blanket. Wood and bamboo tables. Organic mattress, mattress foundation, sheets. (Cat with special blessing powers.)
vastu design portfolio
Study detail, West Marin County, CA.
art installation vastu design portfolio
Charlotte Cain paintings in a Santa Fe home. Wall-mounted Michael Cain sculpture.
santa fe design portfolio vastu art installation
entrance to Santa Fe home with art installation. Charlotte Cain paintings.
vastu interior design portfolio sherri silverman living room
Living room with a feeling of light, expansiveness, comfort, and beauty. The Brahmasthan/center is open, honoring space element, making the room feel larger and less cramped. Natural materials raise the energy level and add aesthetic appeal.
vastu bedroom interior design portfolio sherri silverman contemporary asian
light, airy bedroom in Santa Fe NM: silk, modal, and wool (all natural materials), artwork.
art studio study library vastu interior design decor sherri silverman
Santa Fe workspace: art studio, desk, library.
vastu sacred space design meditation altar portfolio
meditation cushion and altar
vastu interior design decor portfolio natural materials
Tabletop styling of client's items with natural materials in her home. Santa Fe, NM.
vastu design portfolio furniture art sculpture
wood cabinet with artwork
vastu sacred space design portfolio altar lakshmi meru chakra goddess
Personalized goddess altar with gold Meru Chakra and homeowner's collections of art and beach gleanings from her travels. Los Angeles, CA.
design portfolio art studio vastu sherri silverman reading room library painting flatfiles
Art studio in process of setup: reading room, flatfiles, painting table, kitchen. Larkspur, CA.
meditation room vastu design portfolio
a meditation room I designed with a comfortable couch where the client could face east to meditate. All natural materials and lots of beauty: bamboo blinds, silk and cotton pillows, silk throw, silk meditation shawl, soothing artwork, pleasing colors, and favorite sacred images. Santa Fe, NM.


vastu interior design portfolio
Reading area with silk decorative pillows: embroidery, beading, gold-embellished sari silk. Santa Fe, NM.