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Sherri Silverman

Padmini Vidya Mini Course

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Enliven greater abundance with Padmini knowledge, exercises, techniques in my spiritually based wealth course of Lakshmi secrets. Empower yourself & prosper more in life. 

  • 64 page Course Manual, Padmini Vidya: Spiritually Based Wealth, Vedic Knowledge to Increase Abundance. Techniques, exercises: writing, journalling, art projects, sankalpa/intentions, viewing of videos, Sanskrit & English chanting, resources. 
  • Unity Radio interview: The Yoga Hour.
  • High res 8 aspects of Lakshmi image
  • Yoga International magazine article.

Enjoy greater happiness and abundance and make a meaningful contribution to the world. Download the Padmini Vidya course once I send your link. Read, listen, and do the techniques and exercises on your own schedule. All materials are in English language with a little Sanskrit transliteration.

This prosperity course is so important and valuable that it is a required prerequisite for Level 3 of my Certified Vastu Consultant Training Program.

Course Testimonials:
"A most wonderful, inspiring and rewarding yogic & vedic Abundance course. I appreciated having a range of activities to choose from like chanting, journalling, meditation and writing exercises, among others." Sarah T., Ontario, Canada

"A beautiful, inspiring & useful exploration of the gifts of Lakshmi and yogic principles of abundance. I am very appreciative of Sherri Silverman's depth of knowledge in this area and was surprised by how much I learned!" Lisa Chun, CA

"Sherri shares the knowledge so beautifully, in a way that goes directly to your heart. Lovely and inspiring." Laura Trisiano, NJ

"In little more than two weeks of doing five of the course practices I received a flurry of new clients, was offered a $1000 coaching program for free, and created an outline for a project that had been percolating but unclear for over a year.
"I so highly recommend this course for anyone who wants more abundance in their life! We can define wealth as finances, love of friends & family, status, comforts in our environment, good food, etc. There are ways to achieve each, but I don't know any other system that addresses how to acquire all of them. This course does so in a meaningful, beautiful, complete way that's in keeping with spiritual & material goals. Its tools make you think, feel, and most importantly, act on goals by engaging all the parts necessary to create wealth.
" Andrea Pflaumer, Shopping for the Real You

    Once you purchase the Padmini Vidya Mini Course, you'll have a discounted price for the Mastery Course with many more little-known, deep secrets of Shakti.