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Padmini Vidya Mini Course

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Spiritually based wealth course. Learn how to achieve prosperity in all aspects of life through Padmini Vidya, sacred knowledge of She who sits on the lotus, Lakshmi, goddess of Abundance. Beyond the Law of Attraction, Padmini Vidya explains true wealth is soul based. Meditate. Get enlightened, which helps both you and the world. Be prosperous & comfortable. And then contribute to this planet through philanthropy. 

The Mini Course -- which is not so mini -- includes a taste of the Mastery Course (available January 2017). Components of the Padmini Vidya Mini Course:

Course Manual: Padmini Vidya: Spiritually Based Wealth for Enlightenment, Enjoyment of the World, & Philanthropy That Makes a Difference. Vedic Knowledge for Increasing Abundance, Being a Bodhisattva in the World. PDF with knowledge, color illustrations, techniques, exercises, and some links to resources, written by Sherri Silverman, Ph.D., author of Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature.

National Unity Radio interview on The Yoga Hour: Sherri on Padmini Vidya.

High res eight aspects of Lakshmi image, goddess of wealth and good fortune. It's the Lakshmi-pink image shown above in over 3 MB.

PDF of the original Yoga International magazine article that inspired Sherri to research and develop this secret, practical knowledge for abundance.

Once you purchase the Padmini Vidya Mini Course, you will have a discounted price for the Mastery Course. The full Mastery Course will include many more little known secrets of Shakti. Start the mini version of the course now. Begin the exercises and techniques. Absorb this knowledge and apply it to your life. The results of the course: Enjoy greater happiness and abundance in all areas of life and more ways to make a meaningful contribution to this world.

Testimonial: "Sherri shares the knowledge so beautifully, in a way that goes directly to your heart. Lovely and inspiring." Laura Trisiano

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