How to Let Go of a Home When It's Time to Move On

house home moving letting go vastu ritual

QUESTION: Dear Sherri, I keep thinking what you said about letting go of my former, much beloved house, and I don't think I can do that...It was such a safe place for me...thinking about the Vastu of that place...I made it so...I knew it would be wonderful...
Did we talk about the house being a body? I feel that so strongly with houses and if they are neglected and need help...
How in the world do you let go of a house so that the new one can manifest?

ANSWER:  I think the way to let go of your former house that you loved is to first completely acknowledge and thank it for how it helped you, how it made you feel safe, protected you, etc. Write about it. Talk with it.
I'm sure the house appreciates all the care and love and beautification you lavished on it. Listen for what the house says to you. And then you can ask the spirit of that house, its Vastu Purusha, to help you manifest and create that feeling level in another house, to an even greater degree. This will help heal the wound you feel about your home. 

Walk around your house taking down all the yantras and carefully placing them in an envelope or baggie, so that you can move them to your new home. They're all portable and can be reinstalled elsewhere.
When you leave you can also do a brief ritual taking all your own energy back with you, so that you can move forward. That can be elaborate or as simple as just stating and intending that your own energy and layers of shakti added to the home by your spiritual practices move with you. 


art image: The tiny home above is The Last Moroccan, a 1991 pastel painting by Sherri Silverman, now in a Miami, FL private collection.