Rahu Remedies and Vastu Solutions

Client Question:
Can you clear Rahu energy from someone with ameliorations and the work you do? 

Sherri's Answer:
Rahu is what is called the North Node in western astrology. In Vedic astrology, Rahu and its counterpart Ketu, the South Node, are considered to be planetary bodies, grahas. You can never fully escape from the influence of one of the planets. You have to walk through at least some of it. Even Shiva could not escape Sade Sati, the seven intense years of Saturn that come in about 30 year cycles! 

All of us are subject to the vibrational influence of the grahas, but their energetic affect can be lessened.

I recommend installing a Rahu yantra at the height of your root/first chakra in the southwest sector of your home, bedroom, or office. Stand in front of it daily to recite a Rahu mantra such as OM RAHAVE NAMAHA. 
Meditation practices can help smooth things out too. There are many ways to alleviate Rahu influence by tending to the rooms, directions, behavior, self-effort through spiritual practices, etc. I can do a more thorough consult and guidance on this, if you wish, addressing all the aspects I can think of. 
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