Beauty and Natural Materials: Vastu Design

July 4, 2014

Beauty and natural materials are required components of Vastu design. It only makes sense that a body of knowledge that has the laws of nature for its guidelines would include both of these criteria. I styled this tabletop for a client’s Santa Fe house with Vastu principles in mind. The aesthetics of this arrangement of a silver bowl, woven reed basket, and book on a wood table is pleasing and uses this client’s existing home accessories. I rarely use dried plant materials in home decor, since they get dusty and crumble so easily, creating what can easily become stagnation energy. But here it worked, since the client enjoys using dried plants in her home and always keeps her home immaculately clean and fresh.

I enjoy expressing my artistic creativity with natural materials rather than plastic when I can. Recently I have begun using natural materials such as dried roses, passionflowers, orchids, tree bark, and other plant pieces that I have collected in collage and assemblage art pieces. See these and much more of my art on my other website for my work as an artist,

photograph: Erika Blumenfeld, from the 2007 book Vastu: Transcendental home Design in Harmony with Nature by Sherri Silverman, the author of this blog and website