The Real Feng Shui

September 15, 2014

real feng shui

photo: Erika Blumenfeld

A friend suggested I write a post on Vastu as the real Feng Shui. What does that actually mean, since they are both from Asia and thousands of years old—and yet entirely different bodies of knowledge?

In spite of the wide recognition of Feng Shui and the dozens of Feng Shui books that have been available for many years, it’s not the original or the most potent  design system on the planet. Vastu is the original green, sustainable design system; it is the original sacred space design system for all buildings. Vastu predates all design systems that we have any knowledge of. Its origins go back to ten to fourteen thousand years ago. It is thousands of years older than and part of the origin of Feng Shui.

Vastu is 100% in alignment with the laws of nature, which are its absolute guidelines. These guidelines are true for the entire planet, since they are cosmic, universal truths. Aligning your intention with something that is completely in accord with nature is very powerful in its effect and therefore very useful. If you’re not familiar with Vastu, read about it at

Learn about the differences and similarities between the Asia-originated Feng Shui and Vastu, plus the systems of Wabi-Sabi and Wu Wei:

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