Padmini Vidya Courses

February 10, 2016

I'm delighted to announce that you can now study Padmini Vidya.  The first course is a mini-course to give you some basic information to help your financial prosperity based in spirituality. It will give you a taste of the full course, which I have been researching and developing for a few years now as a manuscript and in my own life. You can purchase and study these materials at your own pace to enhance your life and your ability to manifest wealth.


What is Padmini Vidya? Padmini is “She who sits on the lotus,” Lakshmi, the goddess of good luck and abundance on all levels. Her most well known aspect, Dhana Lakshmi, is the goddess of financial wealth that almost everyone chases after. Vidya is sacred knowledge. These names and terms are in Sanskrit, the ancient classical language that many consider the “blueprint of creation.”

Lakshmi padmini vidya course abundance wealth prosperity study

Learn how to cultivate wealth grounded in spirituality. The Vedic tradition encourages you to meditate to get enlightened -- which radiates into the environment and truly helps others -- but also wants you to be comfortable in this world. Being wealthy allows you to contribute further by being philanthropic in ways that are meaningful to you. Make a substantive contribution to the earth and its inhabitants. Learn things that enhance wealth and things that will deplete it.

My new Padmini Vidya courses are full of techniques, exercises, and knowledge to help you develop these desired attainments in life. This little known aspect of Vedic knowledge has wonderfully practical secrets to teach you that cannot be found elsewhere. It is a sister science to Vastu, Jyotish, Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.