Tips for Conscious Living: Soul Nourishment from My Instagram Account

tips conscious livingInspire and uplift. Connect and serve. Bodhisattva path. Perfect life guidance for happiness. Inspiration from one of our most impressive First Ladies @michelleobama ♥️ , beautifully presented by artist @lisacongdon 🙏🏻. First posted on our Instagram account @transcendencedesign 


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Another soul nourishment gem from @alisaberry 🙏🏻. As Rumi says, “You must ask for what you really want.” And go for it. Let go of everything and everything that doesn’t nourish you. If there’s no juice there, why bother? Declutter your mind! I’m grateful to have been able to take two seminars years ago with Joseph Campbell. It’s true: Following your bliss pays off!


soul nourishment tips conscious living

“Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again.” Brilliant. And necessary. Turn inward and allow your true self to shine forth. Again and again. Punah punah. Thanks, 🙏🏻@lalahdelia ✨♥️ !