Maha Purusha Yantra: Creating a Spiritual Center

August 21, 2014

There are many ways to create a spiritual center in your home. Vastu recommends placing your meditation room, altar, puja table, yoga studio, or prayer room in the sacred northeast zone or in the center Brahamasthan of your space.

maha purusha yantra vastu vasati

Maha Purusha Yantra

In addition, you can use the Maha Purusha yantra. We used to only offer this yantra as a component of of the gold Vastu Vedic Pyramidgold Vastu Vedic Pyramidbut it is now also available as a 7″ x 7″ two-dimensional full color yantra. It represents the spiritual and the material universe and can be installed in the center of the home or business as well as in your meditation area, wherever that may be. Enjoy its complex radiance.

The mantra associated with the lovely MahaPurusha yantra is one that is very protective in general:


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