The Value of Being Yourself

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"You can change the world by being yourself."  Yoko Ono

Be your true self. Keep in mind that, as Oscar Wilde said, "everyone else is already taken." Why would you want to be exactly like everyone else? How boring!

If you never seem to fit in, perhaps there is something good and magnificent about that, and you should figure it out. I remember clearly struggling to fit in and finding out over and over that I didn't. It was a huge revelation when this idea popped into my head that my individuality was a plus and deserved attention. This allowed me to flourish more. It's when my life started opening up even more. 

Why live a restricted life that doesn't fit who you really are and your unique life path? The Bhagavad Gita says "Better to die in your own dharma than to live in someone else's." That might sound a bit severe, but it's true. Always check in to see if someone else's way truly resonates with you as a good option. 

"When the heart speaks, take good notes.” Joseph Campbell

Don't ignore your heart! Listen to your true self. Trust yourself and your heart. Don't hide your secret ambition and your heart's desire. As Rumi said in one of my favorite poems, "You must ask for what you really want." If youre not willing to admit what you really want and ask for it, how will it materialize? Give the Universe a little help and specify what it is you really want. Go for it! 

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