Dharma, Living as Your True Self on Your True Path

Q: A client recently wrote me, "The word dharma came up a couple of times while I was at a yoga workshop. I still can’t get a grasp of what it means. I thought you might explain it better than what I’ve read."

A: Dharma is right action. It's being in the flow of your authentic self, following your personal path that is in alignment with your soul and your purpose and with the universe. Dharma never violates the laws of nature; it is in tune with Truth and the universe.

Your dharma and path are unique. Copying what someone else does is not a good choice, although it is common. You have to find what inherently feels right and joyful and approopriate for you. This is so important that the Bhagavad Gita says, "Better to die in your own dharma than live in someone else's." That struck me when I first read it decades ago. It means that you can be taken off your life path by doing what other do and what others say to do, if it does not fit what is in alignment with your own existence. 

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