Improving Air Quality and Happiness with Nature

how to improve air quality and happiness with nature

Adding elements of nature to your home and business space improves the air quality and the feeling level. Have you noticed what a huge boost it is to beauty and your feeling of well-being when you add a blooming orchid plant or flowers in vases?

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“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” Luther Burbank

Improving air quality is a modern world problem that can be improved with tips from Vastu. These suggestions work for Feng Shui also. Vastu recommends the use of natural materials and creating harmony with nature. I’ve written about the value of bringing live plants and cut flowers into the home and workplace in my Vastu book; they add prana and beauty. Did you realize that adding leafy branches improves the vibrancy and happiness of your space as well? My favorites are eucalyptus branches, since they not only rev up the energy but also purify the air. Eucalyptus is germicidal, calming, and good for your lungs and sinuses—perfect for bleak, cold, wintry days–and will put a smile on your face. For me it also brings in memories of walking in soothing eucalyptus groves in California.  Place a vase of eucalyptus in your bathroom to add freshness and cleanse the air. You can often find eucalyptus branches at the florist area of Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and similar places.

eucalyptus vastu improving air quality improve blog  Eucalyptus leaves purify the air. 24k gold-plated Shri Meru Chakra on Lakshmi altar raises the vibration and life-supporting energy of this space. Vastu-appropriate artwork: Sherri Silverman,

This photo in my art studio also shows one of my altars with the 24k gold-plated Meru Chakra and some of my pastel paintings that you can see on my other website,

If you have ever run an air purifier machine in a room where incense is burning, you’ll find that there is a residue from the smoke that goes into the air. If you use incense, by all means make sure it is natural and non-toxic! Some incense actually damages the environment, which is not what it was traditionally designed to do. Use highest quality natural incense like our Himalayan Ganesha and Navagraha rope incense. Ideally have a window open to bring in fresh air. Turn off your air purifier, if you have one, so it does not get gunked up.

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Air purifiers are a fabulous addition to your contemporary air purification protocols. After extensive research, the one I like the best, use, and recommend is the Rabbit Air. (If you follow my Rabbit Air link, you may get a coupon you can use). It has lots of settings so it can be very quiet or revved up to clean quickly. It is impressively elegant and has a bunch of different kinds of air filters stacked in an organized, compact manner. You choose an additional customized filter for your own situation.  Here it is in my bedroom. 

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May the air you breathe be pure, nourishing, and uplifting!

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Vastu blog post originally published February 24, 2015. Updated 2017.