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Navagraha Incense

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Burn astrological Navagraha incense to befriend the planets, strengthen their support, and diminish challenging effects. Things go more easily. The navagrahas are the nine planets in Vedic astrology, Jyotish: Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. A special blend of ayurvedic herbs, resins, and woods from the Karibir Tantra text. It creates a positive atmosphere, brings blessings of favorable planetary energies, and is centering and calming.

Nepali rope incense nourishes heart, mind, and soul. It is handmade with fresh, fragrant, botanical material collected from Himalayan mountains and forests. Flowers, resins, and plants are dried and ground into a fine powder that is rolled in handmade, wild-crafted, and sustainable lokta plant paper.

Our incense is custom-made by Durga Prasad Pathak's family, who inherited the art of making incense from their ancestors. Burning it softens the atmosphere and dispels negativity from the environment. Traditionally used for meditation, worship, and healing ceremonies.

Pack of 20 incense ropes.
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