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Ganesha Incense

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Ganesh Incense is a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs, resins, and wood powders prescribed in a Tantra text formula. It is burned to dissolve negativity, inspire creativity, and remove obstacles in life. It is a traditional incense made only in the Himalayas of Nepal. Its scent profile is herbal and woodsy. Its action is grounding, calming, and clearing of the environment. One of its ingredients is jatamansi spikenard, which calms the nervous system. I immediately felt greater peace and a sparkly sacred energy when I burned it. 

 Nepali rope incense nourishes heart, mind, and soul. It is handmade with fresh, fragrant, botanical material collected from Himalayan mountains and forests. Flowers, resins, and plants are dried and ground into a fine powder that is rolled in handmade, wild-crafted, and sustainable lokta plant paper.

Our incense is custom-made by Durga Prasad Pathak's family, who inherited the art of making incense from their ancestors. Traditionally used for meditation, worship, and healing ceremonies.

Pack of 20 incense ropes (smaller than Navagraha incense).

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