Obstacles and Delay in Marriage: Remedies

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Dear Madam, i went through your site and found it very interesting. I am an amateur follower of Vastu. My request :- Any yantra you may suggest for me due to obstacles and delay in my marriage.Thank you very much for a response. Regards, Ritesh

Dear Ritesh, If your marriage is delayed, why not befriend the planet Venus, planet of love and a good marriage, and Saturn, who causes delays and obstructions? You can chant their mantras 108 times a day while looking at their yantras, which are on my website at Vastu Yantras .
Another option is the Shri Yantra, the balanced union of Masculine and Feminine Divine, Shiva and Shakti, Lakshmi and Narayana. This can be in the two-dimensional form or the three-dimensional/more potent form, the Sri Meru Chakra. Again, 108 times a day chanting. The Shri Yantra is on the same page link above as the Venus and Saturn yantras.
All of the mantras to use and the appropriate chakra height for best results are in the Vastu Yantra Guidebook.
An additional way to improve your relationship situation, if you have not already done so, is to take the Happiness Program offered by the Art of Living Foundation. I highly recommend it.