Vastu Yantras & Planetary Yantras: Remedies & Rectification

Yantra sets are available as an add-on with the Meru Chakra and Vastu Pyramid. Otherwise, all thirteen yantras are currently out of stock.

"I'm so glad I availed myself of the powerful energies of the Vastu Yantras. For a few days I sat to meditate with them in my lap. I could hardly believe their vibrational "weight" - it was quite intense. For me, these yantras have gone way beyond spatial rectification. They've become a valuable tool in my healing practice." Alka Bhargava, NY.

"I am so excited about these yantras! They're exquisite! I'm totally in love with the yantras. Interestingly, my favorites are planets I need help with for my Jyotish astrology chart." K. Wright, TX.