Sacred Sanskrit Healing Sound Recommendations

August 1, 2014


Sanskrit is considered by many to be “the blueprint of creation.” Our souls are ancient, and hearing or chanting Sanskrit enlivens harmony in our nervous systems by activating ancient DNA that expands consciousness. And we we sing or chant as a group, there is brainwave coherence in the group that creates an experience of unity. Bringing healing sound into our lives enhances well-being and restores balance.

healing sound Vastu-Purusha, Harmony of Space Vastu CD

Vastu-Purusha, Harmony of Space Vastu CD

I used to sell a bunch of CDs on this website but now just offer the Vastu-Purusha, Harmony of Space Vastu CD,  Sanskrit chants to rectify spatial energies and improve the Vastu of your home, including addressing Vastu Purusha, the soul of the house, and the nine planetary lords of directions.  I play it daily and have many clients who play it at least once a day. Since sound is so powerful, here are suggestions for further study and enjoyment.

My favorite book on this topic is Joachim-Ernst Berendt’s Nada Brahma: The World Is Sound, Music and The Landscape of Consciousnesswhich discusses the effect of sound/music on physiology and consciousness and how sound creates form on a subtle level. In a nutshell, the book states: “The sound that gives order and beauty to the world is everywhere.” Berendt quotes sitarist Ravi Shankar: “we view music as a kind of spiritual discipline that raises one’s inner being to divine peacefulness and bliss.”

healing sound Sacred Chants of Devi: 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine

Sacred Chants of Devi: 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine

For your spiritual CD collection, I recommend the following, which will have a healing, enlightening effect. I play them most often first thing in the morning, while I am preparing tea and puttering around. You can also sit quietly and listen to Sanskrit chanting with your eyes closed, letting the sound wash over you. My friend musician Craig Pruess has a marvelous series of CDs available with sacred Sanskrit chants. The most important ones are Sacred Chants of Shivaand Sacred Chants of Devi.  Shiva is pure consciousness, purity, and silence. these qualities are enlivened by listening to the Shiva chant CD. Devi, Mother Divine, brings more delicate, gentle qualities and is great if your nerves are frayed; some women have chosen it to play while they were in labor.

healing sound Sacred Chants of Shiva CD

Sacred Chants of Shiva CD

I will add more recommendations in future posts. Enjoy!

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