vastu book transcendental home design in harmony with nature sherri silverman
Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature

Sherri Silverman

Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature

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A clear introduction to India's Vedic system of design, architecture, and sacred space. Vastu, the original green sustainable design, enables you to leave a light footprint on the earth and actually improve the environment. Stunningly illustrated. Tools to improve the energy and supportiveness of homes and gardens. All areas and rooms are covered, as are the five elements, directions, Vastu Purusha Mandala, Brahmasthan, and other Vaastu Shastra features. The importance of beauty, natural materials, prana, clearing clutter. Tips: how to use the power of meditation, love, grace, gratitude, sacred archetypal energies, mantras, and yantras to bless your home. 160 pages, 120 color photos, line drawings.

Recommended by Chopra Center newsletter; designer Clodagh's book Your Home, Your Sanctuary; Sustain News; and numerous publications, including Yoga Plus Joyful Living, Su Casa, Natural Home, Tathaastu, The Santa Fean, FitYoga, Mystic Pop, India Currents, Colorado Nexus, New Age Retailer, New Mexico Woman; etc.
The best and best-selling Vastu book. New Mexico Book Award Finalist.

"A masterpiece of beauty. An inspirational contribution to the world!" Lynn Helfrich, AZ

"Just looking at the photos evokes a sense of stillness in me. Awesome." Elizabeth Ordahl, CO

"A divinely inspired vibe, a window into a very special sacred place." Alan Schechner, NM

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