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Longevity and Happiness from Plants and Vastu

Years ago when I moved into a Cambridge apartment with my now-friend of over forty years, we consolidated our houseplant collections. Today when we get together in the San Francisco Bay Area, we both take photos of amazing flowers we find in nature. We harvest Meyer lemons, oranges, and nasturtium blossoms in her backyard and oregano and other herbs from my porch garden. Lately I've read a number of articles that propound the virtues of having houseplants and gardens to live longer and happier. We knew this already, but it's nice to see it verified. An article on gives these findings from Harvard: "Women who lived in the greenest surroundings were found to have mortality rates a whopping 12 percent lower...

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A New Year Begins! Take Action That Makes You Happy and Centered

March 28 is the beginning of the new year this time in the Vedic calendar. Recommit to what you wish to manifest. I'll be meditating, spending more time making art, immersing myself in nature. More love. More consciousness. More prosperity. And helping lots of people transform their lives with my Vastu sacred space design consultations.  After the challenges of the first few months of the year, it's time to get back to your Self. Everything will be fine. I know you've done this before, but set your intentions, your sacred sankalpa. Allow yourself to do the things you most want to do. When you're happy, everything flows to you. When you're centered, everything comes to you. Meditate. Create. Let the...

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Protect & Harmonize: Vastu Tips. Conscious Activism.

Disturbed by what's happening in the USA and world? This is a great time to protect and harmonize your home and business spaces--- and to find meaningful ways to make a difference for the planet. Here's some conscious activism inspiration and some Vastu tips.  INSPIRATION: “Joy doesn’t betray but sustains activism.And when you face a politics that aspires tomake you fearful, alienated and isolated,joy is a fine act of insurrection.” Rebecca Solnit Joy is  healing. Be informed and take conscious action, but also do things that bring you joy, that make you feel like yourself, that bring you back to center. Radiate positive, life-supporting energy in the environment in order to truly make a difference and to inspire others. And it's hard to...

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A Little Healing Treat and Nature Immersion

Hi from Sherri Silverman and Transcendence Design! I know many of us are troubled by political events these days. It's challenging to keep informed, take action to make a difference, and stay happy and centered at times like these. I thought I would offer you all a little beauty and magic from Mother Nature to bring greater peace and joy into your life. Watch this wonder - filled  film! I was enchanted and felt better from watching this delightful little nature immersion and think you will also. May you find more ways to have a beautiful life and effect in the world, filled with grace and gratitude, centered in your heart. 

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New Website, New Blog

Welcome to my newly rebuilt website and blog. I just retired my original sixteen year old dinosaur of a website because in 2016, using the old version is like expecting people to look at smoke signals when all eyes and SEO are only on the latest technological platform. I'm delighted with this fledging site on Shopify and hope you will share it with your friends. I have more to edit and add, so check in frequently. Please excuse any glitches here-- I wanted to get it live asap and still need to fix some things. Please contact me through the Contact page about any mistakes or issues you see. I'd love to hear from you and improve the site for you!

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