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Certified Vastu Consultant: Complete Course Package

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Become a Certified Vastu Consultant, trained by Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, PhD. Have a professional career that is spiritually based, contributes service to others, and creates income for you. Save over 10% with this discounted complete package of all four courses needed to receive certification and start your own Vastu Consultation business: 

  1. Level 1 Vastu: The Yoga of Design
  2. Level 2 Vastu: Deeper Knowledge & Practice
  3. Padmini Vidya Mini Course: Lakshmi Abundance Secrets
  4. Level 3 Vastu: Becoming a Vastu Consultant, Being of Service

Everyone who is interested may take Level 1 Vastu and the Padmini Vidya Mini Course.

Regular daily meditation practice and an A or B grade on the Level 1 exam are required to continue to Level 2 and receive its materials.
Regular daily meditation practice, an A or B grade on the Level 2 exam, and completion of all required projects  are required to continue to Level 3 Vastu.
Regular daily meditation practice, completion of all course materials, and satisfactory proof of completion of all Level 3 Vastu projects/assigned consultations for friends are required to become a Certified Vastu Consultant.

There are no refunds on courses, so please only register for this option if you want this to be your path and are committed to doing the required studies. There is a seven year time limit for completion, if life challenges come up and prevent timely completion of your program. I look forward to guiding you into your career as a Certified Vastu Consultant! 

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