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Sherri Silverman

Certified Vastu Consultant: Complete Package of Four Courses

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Become a Certified Vastu Consultant, trained by Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, PhD. Have a spiritually based professional career that contributes service to others and creates income for you. Save over 10% with this discounted complete package of all four courses needed to receive certification and start your own Vastu Consultation business: 

  1. Level 1 Vastu: The Yoga of Design
  2. Level 2 Vastu: Deeper Knowledge & Practice
  3. Padmini Vidya Mini Course: Lakshmi Abundance Secrets
  4. Level 3 Vastu: Becoming a Vastu Consultant, Being of Service

Click the above links to see contents of these in-depth courses on their individual pages. Level 1 Vastu and the Padmini Vidya Mini Course are open to everyone. Levels 2 and 3 have prerequisites.
Regular daily meditation practice and an A or B grade on the Level 1 exam are required to continue to Level 2 and receive its materials.
Regular daily meditation practice, an A or B grade on the Level 2 exam, and completion of all required projects are required to continue to Level 3 Vastu. This includes a 200 word reflection paper written after taking the Padmini Vidya Mini Course.
Regular daily meditation practice, completion of all course materials, and satisfactory proof of completion of all Level 3 Vastu projects/assigned consultations for friends are required to become a Certified Vastu Consultant.

Student testimonials/reviews are on individual course pages.
Courses are non-refundable. Only register for this option if you want this to be your path and are committed to doing the required studies. There is a five year time limit for completion. I look forward to guiding you into your career as a Certified Vastu Consultant!