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Transcendence Design

Vastu Course: Level 1, the Yoga of Design

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VASTU COURSE: Learn Vastu basics from leading Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, PhD. Study at your own pace. Apply in-depth Vedic knowledge to your own spaces.

  • PDF of my book Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature.
  • Vastu Yantra Guidebook: Vedic Sacred Geometry to Heal & Balance Spatial Energies.
  • Vastu articles on romance, techniques for greater success, art, yoga and meditation spaces, etc., from national publications.
  • Vastu Purusha Mandala with five elements and directions.
  • Concentric zones PDF.
  • Vastu radio interviews.
  • Vastu webinar for the American College of Vedic Astrology.
  • Self-graded tests and exercises designed to help you learn concepts and incorporate the knowledge into your life.
  • the difference between true & magnetic north, compass use, local declination.
  • Northern & Southern hemisphere Vastu.
  • Your own journaling and practice on your home and business space.
  • David Wardman PDF about yantras.
  • Meru Chakra and Vastu Vedic Pyramid installation instructions PDF.
  • How to Draw a Sri Yantra PDF.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Students showing proficiency on the exam receive a Level 1 Certificate of Completion. To be a certified Vastu consultant authorized to charge for Vastu consulting, students must be certified in the Level 3 Vastu Course.

"Vastu has filled my mind and my home with so much light and beauty. I've really enjoyed taking the Level 1 Vastu class and applying the teachings to our home. Working with these natural laws strikes a deep chord in me. Our home feels harmonious, healthy, and energized in a really wonderful way. I've noticed since applying the suggestions in Level 1 my sleep has improved, my energy levels are up, also my focus increased. Thanks, Sherri for such a wonderful class!" Eryn Louise, Alberta, Canada

“I am loving your Vastu Level I class! I'm so excited to take all your courses and begin a career as a Vastu Consultant. It utilizes my art training, creativity, and aesthetic attention I've always possessed but now really know how to use! I moved my bed to a more auspicious place & even though I'd never think to put my bed here had I not known Vastu, it looks and feels so much better. In fact, I can't imagine NOT knowing this stuff now! Putting furniture and decor in "random places" with no attention to Vastu seems like such a crapshoot! Thank you so much for making this incredible knowledge so accessible." Meredith Rivers, MT.

"The Vastu Knowledge you assembled is inspiring and energizing. The truth of it is Righting me as I read it. It's the most Living, moving, wisdom literature I've encountered in a long time. The course is excellent. You make it understandable and doable. You are such a good teacher-writer. I'm so glad I found you. I want to do all levels of training with you. Thank you for this beautiful body of work." Kizziah Burton, NM.

"Thank you for all your hard work and sharing this with the world." Randi Borel, GA.

"I've enjoyed my Vastu course immensely. My studies really pointed out the changes & amendments I needed to make to my home. Life and energy are flowing better." Jaime Allison, CO.

“A wonderful overview and introduction to vastu. Sherri makes the material accessible and comprehensible with her presentations. Beautiful. Thank you🙏🏻“ Banafsheh Alai, CA. 

COACHING AND MENTORING: Additional personal guidance, counseling, mentoring, coaching in person or Zoom: $250/hour. 8 session Coaching Package: $200/hour. 

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