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Universal Protection Yantra: Nrismha Rakshana Yantra

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Narasimha Rakshana Yantra: Universal Protection yantra, Powerful protection from disturbing influences and negative planetary effects. Balancing, neutralizing, protective, and strengthening. Place at the entrance, bedroom, car, or south for a sheltering effect. Place under cash registers and safes. Buy and install the Narasimha Rakshana Universal Protection yantra for protection of babies, family, and valuables. Traditionaly this is considered a kavach, "armor" to protect you. 

"Raksha" in Sanskrit means "protection." Narasimha is an incarnation of Vishnu who protects and maintains. Placed properly, it also helps counterbalance negative influences of crossings between streams of underground water and the Hartmann lattice. 5" x 5" / 12 x 12 cm

These precise images are high quality prints on card stock. To enhance potency, our yantras are printed during auspicious astrological muhurtas (times) while mantras are chanted. They have roots in the Puranas, especially the Srimad Bhagavatam. Laminate or frame, or attach to a wall by placing loops of tape on the back corners of the yantra.

Chant protection mantras for support. An effective mantra is printed on the yantra. Learn more about the Universal Protection Yantra, including multiple mantras, in the Vastu Yantra Guide Book.