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Set of 13 Vastu Yantras 7" x 7"

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The Vastu Yantra Set includes 13 two-dimensional yantras: nine planetary yantras which are lords of the various directions, plus the Sri Yantra, Universal Protection Yantra, Vastu Purusha Directional Yantra, and the MahaPurusha Yantra. This set costs $95 less than purchasing the yantras individually. A great gift. Each yantra is 7" x 7" and printed in color on cardstock while mantras are chanted during auspicious muhurtas/times determined by Jyotish, Vedic astrology. To receive all 13 in 5" x 5", please write that in the notes section of the order form.
Highly Recommended: Order the 28-page Vastu Yantra Guidebook also so that you have lots of information on their most effective use, placement, effect, and mantras. 

The sample image is blurry. Your set of vastu yantras will be precise and clear.

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