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Tiny Replacement Set of Colored Yantras for Vastu Pyramid

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Replacement parts for people who own the Vastu Vedic Pyramid and have lost or damaged the nine tiny square colored planetary yantras for the Vastu Pyramid and one MahaPurusha yantra for the center of the Vastu Pyramid. a little under 7 cm x 7 cm for the larger Maha Purusha Yantra for the center. about 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm for the 9 smaller colored planetary yantras that go in the eight smaller squares. Two go in the sacred zone of the northeast.

Want a yantra set? Order Vastu Yantra Sets when you get a Meru Chakra or Vastu Pyramid--- but not these. These are only to replace missing or damaged tiny yantras on our Vastu Vedic Pyramid.