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Moon Yantra, Chandra

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Moon, Chandra, Ruler of the Northwest: Install the Moon yantra and chant a moon mantra for emotional balance and stability, feminine principle, and the mother, and to rectify the northwest of home, garden, or business. A moon yantra bestows increased wealth placed in or over the safe. For depression, insomnia, and sleep disorders, place under the mattress, face up. Install the Moon yantra in the northwest. 5" x 5" / 12 x 12 cm

Precise, high quality prints on card stock. To enhance potency, our yantras are printed during auspicious astrological muhurtas (times) while mantras are chanted. Laminate or frame, or attach to a wall by placing loops of tape on the back corners of the yantra.

Chanting a moon mantra while looking at the moon yantra is an ideal way to befriend/appease the moon. Learn more about the Moon yantra, including Sanskrit mantras, use, the best height to hang it, and effect, in the Vastu Yantra Guidebook.