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Mars Yantra, Mangal

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Mars Yantra, Mangal, Ruler of the South: Energy, courage, motivation, activity, self-confidence, masculine principle, enthusiasm. Helps rectify a too open South or misplaced kitchen missing fire energy. The negative aspect of Mars entails quarrels, chaos, and destructive forces. If the kitchen is poorly located according to Vastu, Mars is weakened and may manifest negative aspects. Install the Mars yantra in the south of your home or business, or next to the stove if there is no fire energy in the kitchen's placement (outside of the southeast or south). 1 in the 5" x 5" / 12 x 12 cm size and 1 in the 7" x 7" size remaining! Specify in the notes area of the checkout if you have a preference.

TESTIMONIAL: "The Mars yantra is much more beautiful than expected and feels very protective! Thank you." Meryl B., FL.

These precise images are high quality prints on card stock. To enhance potency, our yantras are printed during auspicious astrological muhurtas (times) while mantras are chanted. They have roots in the Puranas, especially the Srimad Bhagavatam. Laminate or frame, or attach to a wall by placing loops of tape on the back corners of the yantra. 

Learn more about the Mars yantra, including its Sanskrit mantras and best placement, in the Vastu Yantra Guidebook.