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Sherri Silverman

Ladders of Light 3: Kali Yantra print 30 x 22

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Ladders of Light #3: Kali Yantra
Sherri Silverman
Signed and numbered archival giclee print on archival paper, Hahnemühle Bamboo or Moab Entrada.
Limited edition of 10.
30” x 22” paper size, 26" x 20" image size

Ladders symbolize the pathway to communion with the divine/heavens in many traditions: Jacob's ladder in the Judeo-Christian tradition, Horus' ladder in Egyptian mythology, the seven-runged Mithraic ladder, the shamanic pole. The Kali yantra is the goddess in her abstract form. Kali means "time." Sherri’s friend and fellow artist Priya Mookerjee writes: "Kali, the universal mother, is the embodiment of feminine energy, the primal creative principle underlying the entire cosmos."
Downward pointing triangles are a universal archetypal symbol of the Feminine Divine; the concentric triangles depicted here are a traditional way of expressing how the Unmanifest emerges into the physical world in ever-increasing waves of manifestation from the bindu point, the junction between the unseen and the seen.