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Entrance Set of Four Vastu Yantras

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Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Universal Protection (Narasimha Raksana), and Shri Yantras. An excellent vedic blessing, enlivenment, and protection for your home or business's entry. Save $22 over the cost of four individual yantras. A great gift for new homes. 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" each

Testimonial: "The entrance set of vastu yantras has created noticeable effects: more order in the cabin. Things do not evolve into the chaos they used to (I'm speaking about basic cleanliness and clutter). Obviously this effect is on me as I am the one who cleans and organizes, but it's been staying together considerably better since the yantras were put there (about a year). Also, the entrance feels more secure in a subjective intuitive way."  P. Pummi

Sun or Surya Yantra: The sun, Surya in Vedic astrology or Jyotish, can be installed at the position of a missing Sun window (window right of the main entrance, seen from within the house). This strengthens subtle powers of the sun and brings beneficial effects of solar energy into the house. If you prefer to use the Surya yantra in a location other than your entrance, you can place the Sun yantra in the east, the sector for which Surya is the planetary lord. Regardless, place it ideally at the height of your sixth chakra.

Moon or Chandra Yantra: If there are no windows left of the entrance (from within the house, left of the door), feminine lunar energies represented by the moon are weakened. Attach a Moon Yantra to provide missing moon energy and strengthen subtle nourishing powers of the moon. The Chandra yantra can also be placed in the northwest, since it is planetary lord of that direction. The moon yantra is ideally at the height of your sixth chakra.

Universal Protection Yantra: The Narasimha Raksana Yantra offers effective protection for the entrance, south direction, in your bedroom next to the bed, or other places where protection from negative energies is desired. 

Shri Yantra: The Sri Yantra invokes good fortune, wealth, health, and is an aid for meditation. It embodies the Feminine Divine, Lakshmi, who energizes and protects.

Installation: Universal Protection and Sri Yantras go on or above the door of your main entrance. Install the Sun yantra to the right of the door when you are inside the home, facing out; the Moon yantra on the left.

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