Design Services: Sherri Silverman & Transcendence Design

"I create beautiful spaces." 
Sherri Silverman

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1. Vastu design consultations for home, businesses, gardens, and other spaces. Current buildings and potential purchases of homes and land.

2. sacred space shrine and altar design. Blessing rituals.

3. Vastu assessment and recommendations for remodels, additions, and house plan alterations.

4. assessment and rectification recommendations for land, land correction, lot shape, slopes, vegetation.

5. selection of colors, finishes, materials for structure and furnishings.

6. arrangement of furnishings to be in alignment with Vastu and thereby beneficial.

7. Vastu-appropriate art consulting and acquisitions.

8. placement of art installations in the home.

9. yantras, Vedic sacred geometry, for Vastu rectification and astrological challenges.

10. Sanskrit mantra installation ceremonies for yantras, Vastu Vedic Pyramid, and Meru Chakra.

11. ceremonial installation of “seeds of the earth” gemplates for NE corner and entry threshold.

12. Vastu groundbreaking ceremony.

13. organizing consultations. Decluttering.

14. conscious lifestyle coaching: expertise in Vedic/spiritual knowledge, relationship skills, organic evolutionary lifestyle, and intuitive abilities.

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