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Sherri Silverman

Vastu Course, Level 2: Deeper Knowledge & Practice

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Level 2 Vastu Course created by Vastu expert Sherri Silverman, PhD. More in-depth study and commitment than Level 1:

  • theoretical/scientific basis of Vastu
  • Vastu mantras, space-clearing mantras
  • importance of beauty, feeling level of the space, and their effect
  • misconceptions about Vastu
  • choosing land
  • suggestions for selling a house
  • additional Vastu articles and audio recordings
  • more study of yantras and assigned Vastu readings: pada devatas, etc.
  • What to say to clients and what not to say!
  • recommended Vastu and yantra reading lists/authors
  • Journaling
  • shapes for buildings and their effect
  • useful basics of Ayurveda, the Vedic science of health
  • Practicum: 10 detailed, written Vastu assessments and recommendations: your home and business, friends and family.
  • 2.5 hours personal coaching /mentoring time with Vastu expert Sherri Silverman
  • quarterly online sessions: questions & topics (different Vastu approaches, etc.)
  • Final Written Exam

PREREQUISITES: Certificate of Completion, Level One Vastu Course. Daily meditation practice so that you are more in tune with the laws of nature, with increasing intuition, inner stability, and spiritual attunement. Non-Disclosure Agreement Form.

All materials in English with some Sanskrit transliteration.