Ladders of Light 7: Pollen Hands

Sherri Silverman

Ladders of Light 7: Pollen Hands

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Ladders of Light 7: Pollen Hands
pastels and pencil on Arches Cover paper
29.5" x 30.5"
unframed. signed in pencil, lower right

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A symbolic expression that continues the Ladders of Light series, this pastel painting has six of my hands depicted in yellow across the left side. I'm left-handed and basically traced my other hand. The choice of yellow color suggests that I ceremonially dipped my hand in pollen and left its imprint on the fertile soil of the painting's rich brown sky. The hands are counterposed by a crescent moon and green ladder in the sky. Southwest mountains lie beneath all this display. Certainly my own creativity sprouted during my years in New Mexico.