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Yantra Wisdom Card Deck

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The Yantra Wisdom Card Deck, created by yogini artist Chanti Tacoronte-Perez: Shift perspective. Engage with your intuition and creative self for clarity. Insight from yantra symbolism plus affirmations to repeat, shifting perspectives through beauty, poetry, creativity, & reverence.  

Yantras, Vedic sacred geometry, are tools for growth, guidance, and healing. These ancient geometrical patterns represent different forms of divinity. A yantra, like a symbol as defined by Carl Jung, “represents in itself something that is not wholly understandable, and that it hints only intuitively at its possible meaning.” In other words, when something is difficult to speak of or understand, the unconscious creates a representation of it, to better connect with. The Yantra Wisdom cards provide a space for that connection. 

The deck of 39 cards comes with a booklet giving information on each yantra,  affirmations, and suggestions on "how to shift," four possible spreads and procedures to use. You can also use the Yantra Wisdom cards in conjunction with the Soul's Desire Cards. Cotton pouch for storage and to keep the cards sacred.

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