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Yantra Wisdom Card Deck

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The Yantra Wisdom Card Deck, created by yogini artist Chanti Tacoronte-Perez: Shift perspective. Engage with your intuition and creative self for clarity. Insight from yantra symbolism plus affirmations to repeat, shifting perspectives through beauty, poetry, creativity, & reverence.  

Yantras, Vedic sacred geometry, are tools for growth, guidance, and healing. These ancient geometrical patterns represent different forms of divinity. A yantra, like a symbol as defined by Carl Jung, “represents in itself something that is not wholly understandable, and that it hints only intuitively at its possible meaning.” In other words, when something is difficult to speak of or understand, the unconscious creates a representation of it, to better connect with. The Yantra Wisdom cards provide a space for that connection. 

The deck of 40 cards comes with a booklet giving information on each yantra,  affirmations, and suggestions on "how to shift," four possible spreads and procedures to use. You can also use the Yantra Wisdom cards in conjunction with the Soul's Desire Cards.Lovely box for storage and to keep the cards sacred.

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ARE THERE MORE WAYS TO "PLAY" WITH MY DECK OF CARDS? Come up with creative ways to use the Yantra Wisdom Divination Deck. Here are a few suggestions to get you shifting!   

Shuffle the deck. Close your eyes, hold the deck hold the deck at heart level. Ask yourself a question, and listen for a response. Pick a card; contemplate the relationship of the answer from your heart with the energy of the card. Use the deity’s affirmation throughout your day. 

Shuffle the deck. Close your eyes. Hold the deck at heart level. Have the intention to be guided by the elements. 

Card one—Supporter. Connect with the Earth element in the lower body; choose a card to represent Earth. The deity of this card provides a means for support throughout your day.

Card two— Creative muse. Connect with the water element in the pelvis; choose a second card, This deity will provide energy in your creative endeavors. 

Card three—The Teacher. Establish yourself at the navel center; choose a card. This card will allow you to look at how you digest life lessons into wisdom. 

Card four— Challenger. Bring yourself to the heart center; listen to your heart beat. Use this card to reflect on a situation that may currently be challenging or you feel resistance towards.

Card five—Conduit. Sense your attention at the head and throat, connect with the spaciousness of your imagination, choose the last card. Allow this deity to bestow you with spiritual inspiration.

AUM has 4 stages: beginning, middle, end and beyond. Creation, ruled by Brahma consciousness as expressed in the Mandukya Upanishad, is the generator, symbolic “Aaaa” sound. Sustainment, ruled by Vishnu, the organizer represents the “Uuuu" sound. Destruction, powered by Shiva the transformer, ends with the “Mmm” vibration. The fourth stage is the beyond, where the individual self and the universal self are One.

Shuffle the deck. As you are shuffling, picture clearly the idea, situation, or endeavor you want clarity around. Choose a card from any place in the deck. The first card you will choose represents present time (place it in front of you), the second card represents the past (place it to the left of the first card) and the third card is symbolic of the future (place it on the right of the first card). The story that the three cards weave together is the fourth stage of the Aum cycle or the silence beyond. Use the Aum Cycle Card Spread to find clarity for a situation or endeavor.

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