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Vastu Course, Level 1 + entrance yantras

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VASTU COURSE PLUS ENTRANCE SET OF YANTRAS: Sherri Silverman, Ph.D.'s "Vastu, the Yoga of Design" Level 1 online course with the addition of the Vastu entrance set of corrective yantras and their use: Sri Yantra, Universal Protection Yantra, Sun Yantra, and Moon Yantra. The online Vastu study course is $399; the set of four yantras is $50 or $20 each if purchased individually. Purchase the entrance set of yantras with the Vastu course together for $439. Certificate of Completion available.

Yantras are shipped by postal mail, so there is a minor shipping charge for this Vastu course package. 

For full details of the Vastu course and testimonials from Sherri's Vastu students, read the description for the basic Vastu Course. 

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