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Vastu Course, Level 1 + Deluxe Package

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Vastu Course, Level One plus Vastu Sanskrit Chants CD, Complete Set of 13 Yantras, Gold Shri Meru Chakra, and Gold Vastu Vedic Pyramid with free shipping, at a big discount. Two and a half hours of personal mentoring/coaching with Sherri.  Package includes installation instructions for the Meru Chakra and Vastu Pyramid, plus all components of Sherri Silverman's Vastu, the Yoga of Design Course, Level 1. Certificate of Completion available. 

This Vastu course was developed by Sherri Silverman, PhD, one of the most experienced Vastu consultants in the world today (since 1999).
Your Vastu home study materials will be emailed to you. Yantras and the Vastu CD ship by postal mail. The Meru Chakra, and Vastu Vedic Pyramid ship FedEx or DHL, depending on where you live. Allow a few weeks to receive the Meru Chakra and Vastu Pyramid, since they are always special orders.

For full details of the Vastu course itself, including testimonials from students, read the description for the basic Vastu Course

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