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Vastu Course, Level 1 + Deluxe Package

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Vastu Course, Level One Deluxe Package includes 4.5 hours of personal one-on-one mentoring & coaching, Vastu Chants CD, Complete Set of 13 Yantras, Gold Shri Meru Chakra, and Gold Vastu Vedic Pyramid, plus all components of Sherri Silverman's Level 1 Vastu, the Yoga of Design Course, a savings of over $290! Complete package to learn Vastu and implement it in your own home or business space. FREE SHIPPING.

For full details of the Vastu course and its components, plus student testimonials, read the description for the basic Vastu Course

Access all of your Vastu Course online components with the download link I email you. Other items ship by postal mail or DHL. 

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