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David Wardman

Kali Yantra Print

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Kali, Hindu mother goddess Time, in her yantra form with Sanskrit mantra. David Frawley writes of Kali:"Kali teaches us that if we give up our attachment to the events of our lives, we gain mastery over time itself... the resurrection of the Divine Self within us." Frawley says that Kali is associated with air element; therefore she can be installed in the northwest, if you wish, for Vastu support. Kali is also associated with the planet Saturn, so place her in the west as a remedy if you have astrological challenges with Saturn, known as Shani in Sanskrit. Her chakra is the heart.

Archival limited edition giclee print by artist David Wardman. Edition of 100. Each unique print is stamped and hand written, a variation on the edition. 16.5" x 11.75" paper size
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