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David Wardman

Chinnamasta Yantra Print

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Chinnamasta is a blissful, transcendental Hindu wisdom goddess. David Frawley explains: "Chhinnamasta, whose image is a severed head, is the Goddess who causes us to cut off our own heads or dissolve our minds into pure awareness...Freed from the limitations of the mind, consciousness realizes its true nature beyond death and sorrow." Chinnamasta, She with her severed head, relates to Ketu, secondary lord of the northeast sector. She is also associated with Rahu, so place her in the southwest as a remedy if you have astrological challenges with Rahu. "Cutting on your head" by meditating dissolves obsessions in the mind aggravated by Rahu.. Chinnamasta's sacred yantra and Sanskrit mantra.

Limited edition archival giclee print by artist David Wardman. Edition of 100. Each unique print is stamped and hand written, a variation on the edition.16.5" x 11.75"" paper size
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