Vedic Vastu Pyramid: Bronze

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Vedic Vastu Pyramid: Bronze

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The Vedic Vastu Pyramid is the most effective correction tool for improvement of Vastu defects and spatial energies. It is an energetic power center, supplementing to a large degree the missing natural influences required for harmonious living. The bronze Version of the Vastu Pyramid is treated brass over traditional panchaloha formula of silver, antimony, copper, zinc, and pewter. I rarely sell this version but make it available for those who prefer its appearance. Almost everyone purchases the gold-plated version, but those who have the bronze version are happy with it and the results. 11" x 11" x 4". 11" x 11" x 4". The Vastu Pyramid comes with the Vastu-Purusha, Harmony of Space Vastu CD, installation instructions, and the 28-page Yantra Guidebook. For more details, read the expanded description for the Gold Vastu Vedic PyramidFREE SHIPPING

Transcendence Design has offered these auspicious yantras and pyramids for fifteen years. You may need to pay your country's customs duty charges.

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