Vastu Yantras & Planetary Yantras: Remedies & Rectification

"I placed a Venus Yantra under my mattress as you suggested. The past two nights sleep have been very deep, with very vivid dreaming." Michael Iaguinta, WA.

"I'm so glad I availed myself of the powerful energies of the Vastu Yantra set. For a few days I sat to meditate with the whole set in my lap. I could hardly believe their vibrational "weight" - it was quite intense. For me, these yantras have gone way beyond spatial rectification. They've become a valuable tool in my healing practice." Alka Bhargava, NY.

"I am so excited about these yantras! They're really exquisite! I'm totally in love with the Venus, moon, and Mercury yantras. Gorgeous! Interestingly, my favorites are planets I need help with for my Jyotish astrology chart." K. Wright, TX.

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